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 launched in early 2003. The company is headquartered in Portland, Oregon, USA.  We have a global customer base with clients in North America, Europe and Asia. specializes in providing outsourced keywording services to stock photography companies that want to sell their images online. Keywording is a critical factor in an ecommerce solution. Keywords are the link between a company's images and sales. Poor keywording can mean that your assets are effectively hidden and not generating revenue. We bring our commitment to excellence and keywording expertise to the job of making sure your images have the greatest opportunity for sales. has sponsored and contributed to keywording seminars and panels at both PACA and CEPIC. most recently chaired a panel discussion at CEPIC in Chicago titled: ôRobots, Crowds, and Clouds: Keywording Meets The Future". ~ November 2012 (link).

Kirsti O'Sullivan is the founder and managing director of After working for several years in knowledge management for Accenture, she joined a dynamic RF stock company. During her tenure in the stock industry she recognized that keywording was a critical factor in image sales and an area under-served in the marketplace. This was the beginning of Drawing on her stock experience and data management expertise, she developed proprietary software and a unique business model for keywording as an outsourced service.



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